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Hand crafted Blue Tigers Eyes bracelet

Hand crafted Blue Tigers Eyes bracelet

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Hand crafted Blue Tigers eye Bracelet with magnetic clasps 

Relieve Stress and Calm Your Mind

Most of us deal with stress in one form or another. But if it's chronic and unchecked, it can leave you mentally exhausted, and the constant output of stress hormones depletes your physical body and your endocrine system.

Using a blue tiger's eye gemstone is one way you can support your body in reducing stress and help yourself feel more calm, cool, and collected. Many blue healing crystals have calming and peaceful energies, and blue tiger's eye is no different.

Before you settle into a meditation practice, take a moment to yourself and grab this soothing stone to invite its tranquil energy into your life. Breathe deeply and relax into yourself. Allow the energy of blue tiger's eye to encourage you to release the tension in your life, find emotional balance, and achieve greater mental clarity. 

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